Perle Massage Therapy


Roy Miyahara
Certified PERLE Therapist

Treatment Theory

Problem areas in the body associated with pain and/or discomfort usually present as a hardness, tension, or lump which contains a build up of various unwanted substances. This metabolic waste or toxins often result in pain and inflammation. The purpose of Perle Therapy is to soften tissues in damaged or irritated areas in muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, and lymph nodes. This in turn allows the circulatory system to flush out the build up of unwanted fluids, alleviating the problems. In summary, Perle Therapy promotes the human body’s healing power by stimulating lymphatic fluid circulation, heightening the immune system.


The purpose of Perle Therapy is to stimulate affected tissues and cells, promoting macrophage activity, and helping the body’s natural healing power achieve maximum potential. Research shows that the combination of ceramic clay with the high-quality stainless steel casing of the “Perle” release wave forms (natural vibrations of far infrared rays) and negative ions which penetrate the affected areas, promoting macrophage activity and the elimination of toxic wastes.  The benefits of Perle Therapy: it is a non-invasive treatment, showing fast results with no side effects. It is less stressful on therapists’ hands/fingers, and it is beneficial for the therapist’s health as well.

The Inventor

Sachiko Koma is the owner of “Se Rejouir” Salon and Spa at the Narita Hilton in Japan’s Narita Airport and has worked there as an Esthetician and Body Care Therapist for the past 11 years. Sachiko has studied a number of body care treatments including THALASSO THERAPY, HIP JOINT MOBILITY CARE, BLOOD CIRCULATION THERAPY and GERMAN PODOLOGY. While treating hotel guests, Sachiko developed a special massage tool, the “PERLE” and a unique style of treatment that has been extremely helpful in treating various health problems. Her technique recently received international recognition when Sachiko was invited to demonstrate her treatments at a rehabilitation center in Italy. Perle Therapy is a non-invasive therapy and has shown amazing results in the following areas: migraines, neuralgia, eye fatigue, stiffness and pain in the joints and extremities, hyperkyphosis, scoliosis, lower back pain, poor circulation,
menstrual pain, sciatica and herniated disks.

PERLE Therapy Treatment Sample Photos

As you can see in the above photos that the range of motion improves as pain in the problem areas disappears after treatment. Results and recovery time may vary depending on the condition of each client.

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